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Quickly hide the text select box format option in Drupal

Posted by on Oct 1, 2014 in Drupal, PHP | No Comments

Sometimes in Drupal you want to hide the text selectbox format from you user. For exemple, you have a textarea with filtered html filter and you do not want the user to see the plain-text option. There is multiple option to do that here, but here is mine : In a cutom module simply add […]

The magic hook

Posted by on Sep 25, 2014 in Drupal, PHP | No Comments

Sometime you whant to alter a form, a menus, or something else after OR before every other call of hook alter. To do that, you can of course play with the weight of the module, but there also a very convenient hook to do that : hook_module_implements_alter(). Here’s an exemple of how you can use this very […]

Making nodejs Drupalchat work with Commons trusted contact 2/2

Posted by on Sep 23, 2014 in Commons, Drupal, Javascript, nodeJs, PHP | No Comments

After the first part of this post, we had a pretty good NodeJs chat, but there is still some issues (see the end of the part 1). 1 – Clean the user trusted contact. The user trusted contact list that you get in the user object is not exactly perfect. In fact you get all […]

Making nodejs Drupalchat work with Commons trusted contact 1/2

Posted by on Sep 16, 2014 in Commons, Drupal, nodeJs, PHP | No Comments

Durring this year I have worked as Lead developper on a big Drupal 7 project witch is the development of a custom social network for the French Ministery of Finance (DGFIP). This project is based on the Drupal Commons distibution of Acquia (V 1.7) but with a lot of custom development to satisfy the particular needs […]

Drupal 7 – Mettre en place une newsletter habillée

Posted by on Nov 21, 2013 in Drupal, PHP | 4 Comments

Récemment j’ai eu à me pencher sur la mise en place d’une newsletter pour un site web. Après avoir pas mal ramé j’ai finalement réussi à la mettre en place, c’est pourquoi je vais partager avec vous mon expérience. 1 – Les modules à avoir Pour la mise en place de la newsletter, j’ai utilisé […]

Drupal 7 : Calculer le pourcentage de complétion d’un noeud

Posted by on Oct 29, 2013 in Drupal, PHP | No Comments

Récemment j’ai eu à trouver comment calculer le pourcentage de complétion de certain de mes type de contenu. En cherchant une peut j’ai trouvé un module qui visiblement permet de le faire : Content Completed, seulement, impossible de faire marché ce module sur mon Drupal, du coup j’ai dû improviser. J’ai donc crée une petite […]

Meteor – multi-pages applications

Posted by on Sep 10, 2013 in Javascript, Meteor | 2 Comments

Meteor allows you to create multi-pages applications like mine (ReadingList), to do so I advise you to install Meteorite which is a package manager for Meteor that allows you to use non core packages. After installing it you will need to two very usefull package : router and mini-pages.

Router and mini-page gives you […]

Meteor – Twitter/Facebook connexion

Posted by on Août 28, 2013 in Javascript, Meteor | No Comments

After my first article about Meteor and how to configure a simple user connexion, I wanted to show you how to use the Twitter/Facebook account connexion on your application. First of all, you need to configure the Twitter/Facebook login button, It’s realy simple, you just have to follow the steps described by Meteor when you […]

Meteor application – User connexion

Posted by on Août 22, 2013 in Javascript, Meteor | 7 Comments

Last week I have read a very interesting blog post on smashing magazine about a tool to make quick web application : Meteor. So I have decided to give it a try and make my first Meteor application, a Reading list manager for actual books (you know, the one with the paper pages). My application […]

Drupal 7 : Comment éviter le problème du node_acess dans les Entity Query

Posted by on Juin 27, 2013 in Drupal, PHP | No Comments

Voici une petite astuce qui peut sauver des vies quand on utilise des Entity Field Query dans Drupal. Il arrive souvent qu’une requête de ce type ne renvoie rien, simplement parce que Drupal 7 ajoute automatiquement la vérification des droits sur le noeud (en passant par la table node acess). Pour éviter d’être embêté avec […]